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    Jesus Christ thats a beefy warrior
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    AMA - Foofa

    "was known as"
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    Version 3.0.0 Patch Notes

    Introduction We are excited to announce that after countless hours spent working hard on the server, SpleefLeague is going to be entering Open Beta for Version 3.0.0 this Tuesday, February 23th @ 5:00PM UTC. This update contains quite a bit of content, and we are only going to briefly...
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    SpleefLeague Patch 1.3 Development Cycle

    Patch 1.3.0 - Released March 3, 2019 ------------------------------------------------------------- The biggest change that will be immediately noticed in Patch 1.3 is that we have updated the Minecraft version of the server to 1.13.x, allowing the use of many new features and keeping us on...
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    My application (not read for months)

    Hey Buttered_Sonic, thanks for reaching out. I am the admin in charge of reviewing and processing moderator applications at this time. Unfortunately I have checked through all of our applications in the past 12 months and have been unable to find one with your name attached to it...
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    See you all very soon :)

    See you all very soon :)
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    Welcome to Splufflug

    Welcome to Splufflug