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  1. EatMarkers

    Most liked post! (World Record)

    Let's set a world record together and get the most liked post on SpleefLeague Forums. Beating the current world record held by Jecth (8)! We got this! :D
  2. EatMarkers

    Hacks or No Hacks? (Feedback)

    Idk is the user using Blink or are they lagging you tell me:
  3. EatMarkers

    Let's count to 1000!

    Rule: Don't count twice in a row. 1
  4. EatMarkers

    Halloween Event

    I was thinking about the server and how it is getting around this time a year when Halloween will come in to place! I had this idea to hide (X) amount (My original idea was 31 for 31 days of October) of pumpkins or heads that look like pumpkins or something to do with Halloween around the map...
  5. EatMarkers

    Spleef Can we have a multispleef tournament?

    Can we have a multispleef tournament?
  6. EatMarkers

    1000 Forum Members!

    Congratulations on this special moment of hitting a total of 1000 forum accounts! To Infinity and beyond! Jecth we are waiting for the cake