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    may i be unbanned from the SL discord? sorry -abyss

    Hey, we've thought about your appeal, and we've agreed to unban you one last time from the discord If you start causing trouble again or try to test the staff team we won't hesitate to ban you A few things to keep in mind moving forward - Don't spam the chat channels - Don't post pictures of...
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    Official Spleef Christmas cup III

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    Official Spleef Sudden Death Tournament (November Tournament)

    Sign me up only if you dont get the necessary ppl pls
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    Refs in monthly tournaments

    We're planning on adding a few changes to the Reset command instead. Having more people who are "refs" won't really do much, you'll still have times when there are none online. And as Sieg just said, there's no real need for a "Ref" title, if both players can agree on someone just have that...
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    SL Merch - What are your opinions?

    Heyo, with the release of the donor shop, we've been considering working on some SL Merch to sell in order to help speed up the fund raising for the SWC V and, after that, just help sustain the server. Stuff like T-Shirts, phone cases, pins, 3d prints are just some of our starting ideas, but...
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    Rules - Server/Forum/Discord

    Server Rules 1. No spam. This includes private message and tickets. Punishment(s): Warning, Kick, Temp Ban (Up to 1 month) 2. No links to ILLEGAL or lewd websites of any kind (pirating sites, pornographic content, etc). Punishment(s): Kick, Temp Ban (Up to 1 month), Permanent...
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    Now this is weird...

    Were there any new pictures?