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  1. SpleefLeague

    New Arena, FightClub!

    Hey everyone, today a new arena to play on has been added, it's called fight club and was made by me, with help from hyper (help with some dreadful copying) and Worme (wall design). It's one of the most lag friendly arenas so far, except on 1 edge there's a 1 block area with chunk lag sadly...
  2. SpleefLeague

    AMA - SpleefLeague

    I saw Azzy's post and thought might as well do one as well cus I like answering questions xd I'm Spleefleague, formerly known as darkcrafter-----, my old name was at the ----- but that name is in the past, these days I go by Tamara. I started playing in 2012 and was mostly active just before...