Community Shovel Creation Contest


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Jul 16, 2015
Hey everyone today we'll be having a different kind of event. Today, we'll be drawing shovels! Everyone is allowed to enter and submit their own designs, which will later be voted on by the community and staff. The winning designs will be turned into obtainable shovels on the server for everyone to collect later on.


- Everyone can submit up to 3 different designs of 16 x 16 shovels like the following:

- The designs should be in the 16 x 16 format, but, if you have an idea that requires the shovel to be larger, you can go up to 32 x 32, but keep it in a 16 x 16 style, like the following:

- We've already got a handful of shovel designs, but don't be worried about the designs looking similar, do whatever you want to
- No lewd or inappropriate looking designs, those will be automatically removed;
- Avoid recoloring the default Minecraft shovels;
- Don't steal textures from other Resource Packs either since this'll become part of SL's resource pack later;
- Submit your designs on our Discord under the #shovel_design chat with the tag #shovel-design
- If you don't know what software to use there are some free ones you can use such as Paint.Net or Gimp

Deadline is on March 16th, so you'll have a week to work on your entries. Good Luck!


Original post on Discord made by @Jecth
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