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I was thinking about the server and how it is getting around this time a year when Halloween will come in to place!

I had this idea to hide (X) amount (My original idea was 31 for 31 days of October) of pumpkins or heads that look like pumpkins or something to do with Halloween around the map and if you found all 31 you would get an exclusive shovel. Since we haven't had any new shovels since March 14th and that one parkour one for a limited time, I think adding just 1 new shovel wouldn't be too bad.

This is pretty simple and basically my original idea but then I was thinking about it a little more. You can set up goals for example 10/31, 20/31, etc, and this will unlock a piece of armor or a head to wear, etc. I think it would be a good idea to implement more cosmetics at the moment since the coins aren't doing anything at the moment.

Just an idea that we could get festive for the holiday from October 1st through October 31st and then maybe something to do with Thanksgiving in November?


Feb 19, 2016
I'd really like to have a halloween event this year it'd be fun ^^

Having to explore and find things to get a shovel sounds cool,
they're also working on releasing more shovels eventually but having a limited/special edition halloween shovel is a good idea and will probably encourage people to actually look for it :p

I don't think the armor and head things should be added because later on we'll actually have cosmetics and all that (idk when), having something extra instead of only the shovel sounds good though!

Idk about having something to do with Thanksgiving in november because european players don't celebrate that but I'd love to have a christmas event!
I'll discuss it with the other staff and hopefully we can create something fun ^^
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Aug 5, 2016
mind your b u s i n e s s
Thanks for the feedback and I do really want an event! :D

I was thinking the armor/head because I have an chainmail chestplate and boots and I thought something else might not be bad until the full cosmetics update came out but if not, that's okay. Since you said maybe something else can replace it, maybe a secret item that will do a secret thing in the future.:eek:

Before I submitted it I thought Thanksgiving wasn't really celebrated world wide but I thought to include it just to show the idea to have more events for more holidays. And that Christmas event does sound lots of fun!;)
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