may i be unbanned from the SL discord? sorry -abyss

Aug 20, 2016
I have been sorry for what Ive said on the SL discord, and I regret it. Next time if you give me the chance, I wont be so impulsive. I know its a stretch to think about being reinvited to the discord with open arms, because multiple times I was ask to stop talking about inappropriate subjects / harassment to other players. Im sorry. I meant my actions as jokes, but if they wont be tolerated then, ok, I wont make those comments again. I understand staff dosnt want to put up with me, or have to "babysit" my actions, I understand that mods were lenient with the rules while I tested the boundaries multiple times. Im sorry. I expect the comunity to be weary of my arrival back on the discord, but i just want to be apart of the SL comunity again, instead of being some player people occasionally see on the server. I want to join the discord, and I will stay inside the lines of the rules of the communities discord. Im sorry, and I only wish for a reconsideration. thats all.
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Jul 12, 2015
Green Hill Zone
Hey, we've thought about your appeal, and we've agreed to unban you one last time from the discord
If you start causing trouble again or try to test the staff team we won't hesitate to ban you
A few things to keep in mind moving forward
- Don't spam the chat channels
- Don't post pictures of people without their consent
- Avoid inappropriate topics
- Make sure to follow the server/discord rules