My application (not read for months)


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Aug 4, 2016
Dear Staff Team,

A long time ago I applied for staff..... As what the thread title says and I NEVER got a reply back or any notification about it I put it to the side because i didn't use my yahoo at all and never got an email about the application! So I hope this thread gets to the admins or mods to reply to my application.

Sincerely, Buttered_Sonic A.K.A _Sans_WD_YT
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Hey Buttered_Sonic, thanks for reaching out. I am the admin in charge of reviewing and processing moderator applications at this time. Unfortunately I have checked through all of our applications in the past 12 months and have been unable to find one with your name attached to it (Buttered_Sonic, or _Sans_WD_YT). It is possible that it didn't process, however I just want to make sure that you are able to find the way to the proper portal for submission. THIS link will take you to our current moderator application form. Feel free to submit an application there, and I am sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

I'd also like to mention, as we are rather low population at this moment we are not immediately looking to hire most candidates that apply for a position as moderator. We tend to take them in on the basis of necessity, and as such usually reach out to players only when they have been accepted to the team. All applications sit in a pool to draw from, and will sit there forever until hired. If you are unsatisfied with your standing application you may submit another and it will be used in consideration over the older application. Otherwise we simply choose the best applicant from all of those who have expressed interest. Hope I could clear a few things up for you! :)
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