Skip not currently used in down.


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Apr 24, 2020
Im going to be making threads for skips that are not currently used in all the maps I know of.
This is a down skip that has not been used.
. If you get enough momentum you can skip landing on the submarine and fall right into the hole. Since this video I have done it from the 3rd block. But in real runs you have to do it from the second block (edit - Ive done it from the second block, but the run failed) (real run -
) because of the helicopter skip skipping the 3rd block. I dont believe it would be worth it to land on the 3rd block in order to get enough momentum to do the skip. + Im pretty sure its possible to do it from the 2nd block, I have gotten close, + you can use some of the momentum from the helicopter skip for it.
edit - tiny skip, at the start you can land on the stair and only do 1 jump instead of doing a jump and hitting the block and falling at the start. Shown at 1:55 in the video
edit: The best angle for coming out of the ladders is -79.5 with testing. If you go to the left any more you clip the wall, if you go to the right anymore you could go faster. You can get the right angle while you are going up the ladders.
edit, 3x2+1 in the parkour box to skip a jump is possible, block that my cursor is on you can jump to


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