Official Spleef SL Summer Trophy (August Tournament)


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Jul 15, 2015
Hey everyone,

The month of August will feature our next monthly tournament by the name of SL Summer Trophy, which will also mark the beginning of a few changes, which you will have already seen, if you read through the messages in #events on the discord. The first thing is that in the future tournaments won't exactly be bimonthly, but held in any month that has a total of 31 days. This should help with having more tournaments during vacation times for most people. The second change is that starting with this month's tournament, people who get disqualified without a reason or at least a notice without playing a single game, will be banned from participating in the next tournament, so please just make sure to play your matches, I usually leave a rather large time window and tag people on discord before actually using dq's.

This month the SL Summer Trophy will feature a 1v1 single-elimination bracket. To sign up, post your in game name in the comments of this thread or dm me (Siegessch#6386) on discord. Automatic sign ups have been used, so if you are on the auto-sign ups list, you don't have to sign up anymore.

If this is your first time participating, I highly recommend joining our discord as it makes organising games much easier.


  1. Jasco
  2. sheriffCy
  3. EatMarkers
  4. Jakubusso
  5. Sanne_Chan
  6. ShadowFlames
  7. Siegessch
  8. ExodePendragon
  9. josher17
  10. MrPengi
  11. SantiPingui58
  12. Sundra
  13. Awstino
  14. HarrysKrazzy
  15. Neil_
  16. Ethan2098
  17. KTthecreeper
  18. NoveKing
  19. Ubiquitouz
  20. Migga
  21. Flynno
  22. Lucky_Gunz_16
  23. GregJH
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