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Jul 14, 2015
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Hello guys! Everyone from ISF would like to introduce to you a new season of the Spleef Premier League. If you don’t already know, this kind of Spleef tournament is much more different than the ones played in the past in the matters that elimination is not present. This tournament determines the better spleefers from the rest in a seasonal type fashion. All of the information you will need will be located below. The Spleef Premier League was created so that players have the chance to battle everyone evenly and show who are the strongest amongst the others.

All rules within the ISF and SpleefLeauge apply.
-- Players are not allowed to island. --
-- Players are not allowed to camp excessively. --
-- To ensure enforcement in a match, one should contact a referee. --
-- Players are not allowed to use a hacked client in any sort of way to promote advantages. --
(Player will be thrown out of SPL as well as banned.)
-- Be respectful to opponents and other players who are in the SPL. --
-- Continuous rudeness and disrespectful can ban you from the SPL. --

New Rules
-- Players must not withdraw themselves within the tournament at anytime. --
If they have to in any way, they must contact an ISF Official with a liable reason.

The main structure of the Spleef Premier League is based on the amount of players that are participating. Regardless, there will always be a top tier (or the SPL) while below it are other divisions (ranking from Division I, Division II, and so on) based on the amount of players leftover. In the SPL Tier and lower divisions, there will be a max of 12 players.

Spleef Premier League (Top Division)
Division I
Division II
Division III
Division IV
Division V

Promotion & Relegation
At the end of each season, a phase of promoting and relegating will commence. Here, players from every division can either be promoted to the next division tier, or downgraded a division depending on where they place. Excluding the SPL, the top 2 players from every division will be promoted up a division. Excluding the lowest tier, the bottom 2 players from every division will be downgraded a division.
The 3rd to last player from every division will play a promotion match against the 3rd place player from the division below. In example, SPL - 10th place player will face against Division I - 3rd place player; Division I - 10th place player will face against Division II - 3rd place player, etc.) Note that whenever a player withdraws the next lowest or highest player will play in the promotional match. Winner of those matches will be promoted while the loser will be lowered a division.
Standings in the tournament table will be determined first by a number of wins a player has. Then, if players have equal number of wins, a number of rounds won will be considered. Finally, the last resort in case of other parameters being equal is the score in the particular match between those contenders.

New Changes
There are a slight few changes that have been made to the divisions and rules.
-- The SPL Division is now a 12 player division (not 14) --
-- Withdrawing from the season is more strict, read New Rules Section --
-- Standings in Promotional matches can be changed --
If a player withdraws, the 3rd highest or lowest (depending on situation) plays in the match

Signing up for the Spleef Premier League will happen in the same method as it did last year. Returning spleefers will be put into the divisions they were previously placed at (unless promoted or demoted). New contenders will be organized in a way, different from last year, who will compete in a mini tournament to be placed in specific divisions. Players of this tournament will be organized by the members of the ISF. Once these sign ups are over, players will have to start in the bottom division in order to climb up to the SPL unless are able to be put into higher divisions.

~~~~To sign up, please comment with your IGN below.~~~~

Division Allocation
The spots for each ladder will be allocated not on usual first-come-first-serve basis, but on objective parameters. The priority will be given based on a position in Individual Player Statistics Toplist of Official Spleef Tournaments Compilation. If it does not apply or a tiebreaker is needed, progress in recent monthly tournaments (January and Christmas) will be considered (round 2 and further). For the rest of the players or more tiebreakers, ELO rating at the moment of the allocation will be used. In future, consider that certain spots might be reserved as wildcards for top players who missed the first season.

Each week, each participant will play 2 matches with players within their division. This will be a fixed schedule meaning you cannot play anyone else besides the one you are suppose to play against. The entire season should take around 6-7 weeks to complete with promotion matches being played
10th Place SPL vs. 3rd Place D1
10th Place D1 vs. 3rd Place D2
10th Place D2 vs. 3rd Place D3
10th Place D3 vs. 3rd Place D4
8th Place D4 vs. 3rd Place D5
-Note: There are no single & double elimination brackets, like the SWC and Monthly Tournaments.
-Also Note: If you are in need of leaving and or abstaining from a match, we can make some arrangements.
-Also, Also Note: The example above is if all players do not withdraw, standings could change based on withdrawals

Due to the removal of cosmetic items in SpleefLeague, there is no predetermination on what the new prizes will be

If you wish to join our ISF Discord, please click the link below to access it.

If you have any question and/or are confused, please ask below!

-The International Spleef Federation



Below are the schedules for each division. If I may clarify once again, you have to play your opponents during those certain weeks.
If you wish to know what (1/2) & (2/2) are within challonge, those are basically the amount of games in that week. It makes it look less confusing. I will send out another post stating which days are the cut-off dates for weeks. (I'm pretty sure it will be Sundays)


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Jul 17, 2015
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As we are moving into week 5, we have to resolve to disqualify players who have failed played a single match in that entire time. We urge other inactive and reluctant players to finally show initiative and schedule their matches.