Spleef League Season


New Spleefer
Jun 15, 2018
Ok so I thought of pretty much a crazy idea. SpleefLeague as of right now averages about 5 people a day realistically and maybe not even that. For tournaments, people play their games and if they lose they don’t play spleef until the next tournament (I think we can all agree on that). So it seems that people are only coming for tournaments. I mean thats fine as long as people come on. But what if we tried some thing different. Something that makes people come on once every 2 days. I mean that doesn’t sound like a lot but its a start.

Major LEAGUE soccer, major LEAGUE baseball, national football LEAGUE all have seasons. What if spleefLEAGUE had a season. Well you are probably thinking about the timing commitment for each player. Well in all honesty thats what is slowing down the fun and the tournaments. Theres a point where we have to say tough and thats what you committed to.

It would be X amount of games over the course of X months. You could make it like the pros with like NLF with 16 games with 32 people over 16 weeks (one game a week). Or MLS with 34 games but a shorter period of time. Or if you want to be more extreme and constantly getting people on with 82 or 162 games like NBA and MLB (Thats a lot). But it would be your choice on how many games it would be and how often. But after the season it would be playoffs and take the top X amount of players in the playoffs. You can also have it where you have best of 5 or 7 games for playoffs to make it more exciting. And who ever didn’t make the playoffs could have their own tournament because again thats your mission is to keep getting people to play spleef.

But with that we could still have the monthly tournaments in there along with that.

I think this would be fun. There are probably a lot of problems with this but I’m just throwing out an idea so you can maybe shape that idea and so we can get more people active.


Jul 14, 2015
The Pride Lands
Heyo Luckyflynn!
So we did have something like this and I would say it didn't go entirely as planned after a couple of seasons. If you're interested in knowing what it was about you can click here to check it out. https://spleefleague.com/forums/threads/spl-season-2-re-thread.12/

But other than that, I would always be down in hosting a normal season of SpleefLeague and getting it started with other staff members. I would say I'd host it but I have a reputation of not being active the past half a year. Once thing that I always wanted was for something to stay consistent and thats the most difficult part. I would also change from a Premier League style into a Division like my old work. Maybe I'll write some policy and stuff up later.