SpleefLeague Patch 1.3 Development Cycle


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Patch 1.3.0 - Released March 3, 2019

The biggest change that will be immediately noticed in Patch 1.3 is that we have updated the Minecraft version of the server to 1.13.x, allowing the use of many new features and keeping us on the most current version of the game. That being said, this update did have some unintended consequences mainly having to do with command block arguments and world chunk updating, for this reason the build team may be spending a portion of their time fixing the world to be back in its pre-update state.
  • The server has been updated to Minecraft version 1.13.x

The other change we made with this release is much less noticeable, but perhaps even more important from the perspective of the staff team. Many of you have asked us time and time again when we would be fixing commands such as (and primarily) /pi, /ban, /tempban, /unban, /warn, and /inf. Well, this is the update that does just that. Moderators (and other roles that are applicable) will be able to pull data from offline players allowing them to more accurately track online times for tournaments, or to issue warning commands to players who may be offline and evading punishment.
  • Applicable ranks are now able to interact with offline player data.

SpleefLeague has had a really uninteresting “Message of the Day” on the Minecraft server page in players’ clients. This has been updated to say more than simply “SpleefLeague” in gray text. This shows the server name and current patch version.
  • SpleefLeague now has a new message of the day.

Patch 1.3.1 - Released March 11, 2019

One of the most massive outcries we have heard for the last year (at least) has been for the addition of “Air Spleef” allowing players to break blocks while jumping at the same rate they would on the ground. The idea behind this change is to give offensive players a greater sense of agency in a game, and allow them to more adequately compete with defensive play styles (which had previously held an enormous advantage). Though we still anticipate that defensive players will have an advantage in Classic Spleef, we will address those issues in a future patch, and it is likely it will take us many attempts to get that solution perfected. In the meantime, we are going to be releasing this mechanical change and closely monitoring feedback we receive on the change to determine if it is promoting game play patterns that are more healthy than experience prior to Patch 1.3.1.
  • Jumping players now break blocks at the same speed as non-jumping players.
On a much less significant note, there has been this mild issue on SpleefLeague that has allowed players of the default rank to trample crops, extinguish fires, deflower our pots and a host of other nuances around the world. As a result of this unfortunate circumstance we were forced to place barriers over pretty much everything that could be interacted with, deeply hurting the immersion of locations such as Temple or Lumen (Clocktower). With this change we are planning to remove the barrier blocks and allow a more living, breathing world of SpleefLeague.
  • Default players are no longer able to complete the following interactions:
    • Trample farmland.
    • Extinguish fires.
    • Interact with item frames.
    • Drop items.
    • Use leads on animals.
    • Remove/place items on armor stands.
    • Remove flowers from flower pots.
    • Change daylight sensors.
    • Break turtle eggs.
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