Official Spleef Sudden Death Tournament (November Tournament)


Tournament Organizer
Jul 15, 2015
Hey everyone,

If you had an eye on the #events channel on our discord, you'll probably know that I wanted to try something else for official spleef tournaments. One idea that has been suggested to me a few times is a first to 1 double elimination format, so basically Sudden Death. This means that the first player who scores a point wins the game, only one round is played. I hope that this will cut down the time that matches take sometimes. The main reason why I think that Double Elimination is a good fit for this kind of tournament is that it leaves some kind margin for error and you wouldn't be completely out of the tournament for one mistake.
Also because this is a bit of a different kind of tournament compared to the classic spleef tournaments, it will be counted like a team tournament for the tournament thread.

To sign up just leave a message with your ign in this thread, although automatic sign ups will be used, so make sure to check if you're already on the participants list! If this is your first time participating, I highly recommend joining our discord as it makes organising your games much easier. I will also announce deadlines for each round on the discord.

@MrPengi is sponsoring this tournament with a prize too, so huge thanks to him!


  1. Jasco
  2. Migga
  3. sheriffCy
  4. EatMarkers
  5. Jakubusso
  6. Sanne_Chan
  7. ShadowFlames
  8. Siegessch
  9. Preloa
  10. Tucoz
  11. ExodePengragon
  12. Neji
  13. Max9874
  14. josher17
  15. MrPengi
  16. TerrySP
  17. meowcowjack
  18. xFakeSmile
  19. SantiPingui58
  20. Trifoof
  21. Porkeroni
  22. Neil_
  23. Ethan2098
  24. WeatherManScott
  25. slenderbrine100
  26. Spoocro
  27. Matias_Low
  28. Lucky_gunz_16
  29. Morgan_Ladimore
  30. BabyPigJesus
  31. ItsGili
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