Official Spleef Three and Out Tournament (Jan. Tournament)


Tournament Organizer
Jul 15, 2015
Hey everyone,

First of all I'd like to wish everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year! And just like 2018, the year 2019 will begin with a team tournament for January.

It will be a 3v3 team tournament with a similar format to the one hosted by Ethan a year ago (I'd love to link the old thread but it was lost with the old forums). The system will work like this: Every team consists of a captain and 2 other players. Before each match the captains determine a player order for their teams and send them to the other captain. Then the first players of both teams start the match by playing against each other. Every player has 3 lives, every point a player gives up means that one live is lost. A player of a team is only defeated once he loses all 3 lives. For easier understanding I'll give an example: Team 1 has a player order of: A, B and C; Team 2 has X, Y and Z. So in the first game player A goes up against X; A wins with a score of 3-1, therefore X is eliminated from the match because he lost all his 3 lives. Player A still has 2 lives left so he goes up against Player Y. During the match A is ahead with 2-1, Y then scores his second point, which means that A loses his third live, so A is eliminated. Player Y would then play against B and B would only need to score one point to eliminate Y. This goes on until all players of one team are eliminated. If you have any questions about this system, or need some further explanation, feel free to ask on this thread or on discord!
The exact format of the tournament (i.e. group stage, only knockout bracket etc.) will be decided depending on the number of sign ups.

To sign up leave a comment on this thread with a team name, a captain and 2 team members.
If this is your first time participating, I highly recommend joining our discord as it makes organising your games much easier.


Team Arctic Snails: Sanne_Chan (C), Neil_, MrPengi
Team SnS: Snowman (Jakubusso) (C), ShadowFlames, NexByte
Team CCN: Zumbae (C), Fedey, Devraa
Team Obscrux: SucroClaus (C), Morgan_Ladimore, SantiPingui58
Team SpleggTakesMoreSkillThanSpleef: Shaxd (C), Ezkimo, Skefull
Team Rusty Boys: Spleefer (C), EatMarkers, Moomoothekitty
Team Seifer: Siegessch (C), Preloa, alfi3003
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