Version 3.0.0 Patch Notes


Project Manager

We are excited to announce that after countless hours spent working hard on the server, SpleefLeague is going to be entering Open Beta for Version 3.0.0 this Tuesday, February 23th @ 5:00PM UTC. This update contains quite a bit of content, and we are only going to briefly discuss changes here, so be sure to dive in and check it out on Minecraft version 1.15.2+! From the entire team here at SpleefLeague, we’d like to thank you all for sticking around with us for so long and we hope that going forward we can curate the best version of SpleefLeague for all players.

Games & Competition​


Players will now have the chance to compete in set blocks of competition known as ‘Seasons’. Every 3 months the ranked ladder will reset all players back to 1000 rating points to begin the climb back through the ranks. At the end of a given season players will be rewarded with a variety of cosmetic goodies and bonuses based on their final rating.


Leaderboards will now be incorporated into your Minecraft client for ease of viewing (we will also be restoring Leaderboards to the website). Players will be able to view who has the highest rank as well as wins/losses for every player in every game.

Classic Spleef​

As our flagship gamemode, we are going to spend a little more time discussing our philosophy and decision making process behind the changes we are making to Classic Spleef. If you are just interested in the straight changes, they are at the bottom of this section.

Spleef at its core is fundamentally broken. We’ve all witnessed or heard tales of legendary 3 hour tournament matches or encountered defensive players in the general queue. While these events represent the purest evolution of Spleef, we believe that the gameplay loops that result in these outcomes are not enjoyable for either party involved. As a result it becomes incredibly hard for new players to become invested in Spleef (boring, uncertain time commitments, etc.) as the competitive scene is riddled with these types of outcomes. Our goal with this update is to remove the situations in Spleef that are unengaging and facilitate a more friendly environment for fast-paced gameplay.

We believe Spleef is at its most fun when you are in close quarters with your opponent, predicting their every move and simultaneously outmaneuvering their strikes. Finding a way to encourage this type of gameplay pattern is our #1 concern when it comes to the tuning of Classic Spleef and as a result we are going to be introducing what we are calling “Seasonal Affixes” to Classic Spleef.

What is a Seasonal Affix? In short it is a temporary change to the game that changes the way you approach the game. Every season the administrative team with input from the community will decide what changes are necessary (if any) to Classic Spleef in order to keep the core gameplay of Classic Spleef while also keeping games from dragging on. For the “preseason” (what we are launching in) we will be enabling two affixes:

Thunderdome - After 3 minutes within any given round of Spleef, both players are teleported to a smaller arena to duke it out in melee combat to quickly declare a victor.

Decay - Random blocks throughout the arena decay, making staying in one location for too long potentially hazardous.

Power Spleef​

Another game you are already familiar with the concept of is Power Spleef. With this update we are giving it an overhaul, making it the #1 game for fast paced, wacky mechanical outplays. We have made changes to the fundamental game mechanics (scoring a point does not end a round, the field regenerates over time) and added the ability to use 3 powers from 3 unique categories to enhance your own gameplay.

Team Spleef​

Team Spleef is remaining mostly untouched, but with a fundamental difference. By default we will only be supporting 2v2 and 3v3 Team Spleef battles. We are making this decision to concentrate the pool of players into the gamemode and reflect the skill that players have on a ladder that is generally consistent in gameplay. You can queue solo or join with a party for a variety of map designs!

Multi Spleef​

Somewhat of a staple in SpleefLeague, we are going to be bringing a working version of multispleef back for you and your friends to duke it out in this arena of free-for-all madness. Matches will begin once enough players have joined the queue (announcing near the start to be sure you never miss a game) and will be won by the last man standing.


It fits the SpleefLeague mold. What could make more sense than ranged spleef?! With the lacking amount of Splegg modes available on the market, we are seeking to add our very own twist on the experience by enhancing the very weapon you use to play the game: The Splegg Gun. Choose your loadout from a host of unique guns to conquer the fields. With two basic game-modes at launch, Versus Battles and Multi, Splegg offers something for everyone.


At launch, SuperJump will not be receiving any major changes from the mode we’ve been hosting for years (but we plan to fundamentally overhaul this system with a future content update). The main difference you will notice is new maps for you to compete on, and an unfortunate lack of timed races.



Customize your shovel in game and out with collectable skins obtained from world exploration, forging ores and opening crates! We are going to be launching with 4 different shovel rarity types; common, rare, epic and legendary as well as rare dyes for many of the shovel skins.

Splegg Guns​

These are pretty much the same as shovels, but exclusively limited to different color variants for your guns. Look cool while you break blocks from far away.


Players can collect hats to wear on their heads through crafting/crates and a few exclusive hidden gems.

Adventure Gear​

Obtained through a variety of gameplay feats, Adventure Gear will enhance your ability to conquer the world of SpleefLeague. At launch we will have few to find, but we will be constantly looking to expand this catalogue in unique and exciting ways to bring types of content previously impossible to the server.


Collect keys to unlock secrets in the open world of SpleefLeague, allowing you access to areas otherwise unreachable. Find exclusive items within areas unlocked with keys!


On top of all of our cosmetic items, we are laying down a foundation for future gameplay by introducing Coins. These are earned from simply playing on SpleefLeague and can be used to craft items (with future uses incoming).


Ore is used to craft your cosmetic items. Earn 3 ore of any given type and take them to an Artisan familiar with that ore to craft an item or dye! Ore is rare and earned through playing games on SpleefLeague.


If you are not the patient type for getting your items, our new SpleefLeague store will offer Cosmetic Crates directly for purchase to fast-track your collection of items. No items from the store are exclusive and all of them may be earned by playing the game for free.

World Exploration & Map​

New Map​

With Open Beta, we are finally releasing our new map! An iteration upon the old SpleefLeague 2.0 map, players can now explore 7 unique and massive zones and a whole host of islands! Explore, solve puzzles, best parkour, collect exclusive rewards and progress your monuments in our new and improved SpleefLeague adventure.
Our map is now broken into Zones! Brave the Windy Canyons or traverse the endless expanse of the Frozen Meadows in search of treasure.

Golden Fragments & Monuments​

Throughout the world players may explore and collect Golden Fragments, small items scattered across the map to power up your Monuments - secret strongholds to store your collected fragments.

Social Systems​


SpleefLeague now supports Friends! Add your friends to your list to see when they come online, challenge them to matches and build a close-knit community within SpleefLeague.


Players may now create Parties to queue up for applicable matches with their friends (Team Spleef, Multi Spleef, Multi Splegg, more to come!). This feature is still very much a work in progress, but it is available for early feedback testing immediately.
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